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A snapshot of Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield

A magical atmosphere at the cathedral

A magical atmosphere at Lichfield Cathedral

We’re lucky to live in such a picturesque part of the country, and in a series of stunning shots, local photographer James Hollinsworth captures some of the beautiful landscapes around Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield at night

Location: Lichfield Cathedral, Minster Pool and Stowe Pool

James says: “I spent a few enjoyable and bitterly cold evenings in Lichfield to capture these shots. I used to live in Lichfield for many years and miss the place dearly so it was a joy to be back. I always did find the cathedral very mysterious and magical; it’s easy to get lost in your imagination just being near it, its history, its age, its monumental size and fine detailed stone always finds a way to capture my imagination. I chose to shoot it and its surrounding pools at night so I could show the warm colours reflecting from the waters in the foreground and the powerful colourful sky as the backdrop in an attempt to add a touch of Europe and a hint of the magic I find in the cathedral.

Beautiful details of the stunning architecture

Stunning architectural detail.

Lights dancing off the pool in Lichfield

Lights dancing off the pool in Lichfield

Overlooking Minster Pool

Overlooking Minster Pool

The spires at night.jpg

Location: Powells Pool, Sutton Park

James says: “This was my first time to the pools of Sutton Park with or without a camera and I found myself constantly engaged and finding new things to capture, on this cold Saturday evening that pool was forever giving, starting with a bunch of curious non camera shy Canadian geese, then as the sun went down floods of colour throughout the sky exaggerated by the reflections of the still wind free water that with the right exposure time will transform itself into a huge mirror replicating the sky just perfectly.  The pool also gave me a local fisherman who was there for the night. Talking with him made us both see that we were both at that pool that night for the same reasons; peace, purpose and ultimately to capture something amazing, we had just chosen to taken different tools with us. Finally there was the fast moving clouds I was able to merge into streaks across the sky with a long exposure. With this in mind I tried to lend an influence from something I have always wished to see – the aurora borealis. Until I get to one day see this myself I am more than content visiting Powells Pool with a camera, some time and a little imagination.”

A fisherman set up for the night

A fisherman set up for the night

Powell's Pool, Sutton Park

Powell’s Pool, Sutton Park

The inquisitive geese.jpg

All images taken by James Hollinsworth of lone.wolf.photography. For more stunning shots, follow James on Instagram @lone.wolf.photography

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