Covid-19 publisher’s statement

Add a headingWell, the world seems a very different place right now to what it was this time last month. With the inescapable realities of the Covid-19 crisis having greater and greater impact as each day passes, it has meant a devastating impact to many small, local businesses – J’AIME included.

Over the past three years we have loved playing a part in the local community; telling the stories of inspirational local people, bringing a local angle to a wide variety of topics and connecting local businesses with our army of loyal readers, and for that support we cannot thank you all enough.

However, it is with a heavy heart that we have had to cease printing of J’AIME with immediate effect. This means our April issue, which was already completed and with our wonderful printers KEP, had to be halted, and thus we are unable to deliver in the usual printed format.

But fear not; this is not the end of the J’AIME you have come to know and love. We will continue to publish the magazine in its entirety in a series of digital formats. We have an enhanced online reader at as well as a brand new J’AIME app coming very soon for phone and tablet – so you’ll be able to keep your issue of J’AIME right there in your pocket.

In order to be able to deliver this service, we’re asking you, our readers and advertisers, to like and follow our Facebook page at as well as follow us on Instagram and Twitter @jaimemagazine or pop by our website for the latest updates.

As always, we want to continue to tell the stories that are important and interesting to our local community, so if you have a story you think is worth shouting about, please drop us an email and if you’re a business which wants to shout about their services to our readership then please get in touch. With your support, we hope J’AIME can continue to thrive in these uncertain times.

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