Beauty: This is why you need to use moisturiser

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When it comes to looking after your skin a moisturiser is invaluable, but which one is best for you? We asked celebrity facialist and founder of Heaven Skincare Deborah Mitchell to take us back to the basics.

Put simply a moisturiser is used to protect, hydrate and lubricate the complexion. Because the skin on your face is thinner than anywhere else on your body it can become dehydrated; by not keeping skin moisturised it quickly shows early signs of ageing.
Think about it, you wouldn’t go a day without drinking water, right? So don’t go a day without hydrating your skin; the benefits of using the correct moisturiser will be visible years into the future.

Apply a small amount of moisturiser onto your face and gently massage with your fingertips, not forgetting to cover the all-important neck area.

Choose a product that is designed for your skin type – for example, a gentle formula for more sensitive skin – and opt for a specific cream for your delicate eye area.
Some people make the mistake of only applying moisturiser when their skin feels dry but you should be applying it every day, morning and night. After cleansing, exfoliating and toning your skin you should then apply the correct moisturiser for your skin type.
My signature Silver Bee Venom Mask works to control facial muscles by tightening, firming and lifting and at the same time penetrates fine lines for an immediate anti-ageing effect.
Apply after your cleansing routine and combine with a serum for long-term results.
My Divine Cream contains organic mandarin and orange, both natural sources of Vitamin C which help boost collagen and elastin while working to reduce pigmentation, acne scarring and blemishes. It’s light on the skin, making it the perfect all-day cream.
Thanks to its vitamin B content, Heaven’s Overnight Success Cream releases oxygen to detoxify and replenish your complexion. Perfect for dull or damaged skin, it can also be used during the day – especially in the summer – and also helps keep acne at bay and controls rosacea.
My Youthful Moisturiser is designed to bring all skin types – even the most sensitive – back to a state of equilibrium. It may feel light in the skin but its innovative formula means it long-lasting too. It’s great if you suffer from blackheads and enlarged pores.

My vegan Nettle Venom Eyes is designed to ease puffiness and dark circles while relaxing fine lines and wrinkles. It’s light enough so that it doesn’t weigh down the area yet effective enough to really make the eyes glow.
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