Interiors: Kitchen dramas 

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It’s the heart of the home, and often the room which requires the largest investment – and can create the biggest impact. With a sizable spend on the cards, it’s often tempting to play it safe when it comes to kitchen design. But opting for a few brave choices can transform your room into a truly stunning statement space. 

One of the biggest trends in kitchen design in recent years has been the bold use of colour, and that shows no sign of slowing down in 2021.

Dramatic hues of navy, black, and the current favourite deep green work brilliantly to add a real impact to the space, either when used for a full kitchen makeover or in contrast to light and bright cabinetry or work surfaces. 

Ebony stone tray with gold handles, £224, VB Luxury Interiors,

Ebony stone tray with gold handles, £224, VB Luxury Interiors,

Luxurious touches on cabinet handles, taps and accessories can really elevate your design – or provide an ideal way to makeover your existing space. Just add some statement lighting for that extra flawless finish. 

Cashmere slab and labrador green slab. starting at £5,000, from the Profile Collection at Trend Interiors,

Cashmere slab and labrador green slab, from £5,000, Trend Interiors,


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