Interiors: Sunny summer evenings

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The value of having your own outdoor space is more appreciated than ever, and a picturesque garden where you can retreat after a long day and share sunny summer evenings with friends and family is top of many homeowners’ lists.  

 Why not invest in creating the perfect, personalised space for you to soak up the sun, cook delicious food and make memories with loved ones this summer? With a little time, effort and good planning, you can transform your great outdoors into a stylish sanctuary which serves as an open-air extension of your living, dining and entertaining space.

Lights4fun, Spring Summer Garden Living.

For smaller areas, the key is to prioritise how you’re most likely to use the space and shop accordingly; if it’s dining you’re after, then room for a table and cooking station is a must, while if it’s a chill out zone the comfortable lounging options come first. 

 If you’re lucky enough to have a bigger space to play with, consider creating distinct zones for different uses; an outdoor kitchen, a place to relax and even an allotment area can all add to the usability of your garden. 



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