Is it the end for skinny jeans?

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Is it time to ditch the skinny jeans for good? Spring’s love affair with wide legged trousers might just see the all-conquering slim styles knocked off their perch, says Amy Norbury.

Skinny jeans. Beloved by women all over the world for time immemorial, they’ve been getting somewhat of a slating in the fashion world of late, thanks largely to hundreds of thousands of videos which have popped up on TikTok since the start of the year. 

‘No skinny jeans’ has been the battlecry for Generation Z users on the social media site, with many of them decrying the once-ubiquitous fashion staple as ‘outdated’ and ‘unflattering’, and urging followers to ditch them in favour of the less form-fitting style which have soared in popularity in recent years. 

Jigsaw front pleat trousers, £140, Harvey Nichols

Jigsaw front pleat trousers, £140, Harvey Nichols

When Hedi Slimane first introduced the world to skinny jeans at a Dior Homme show back in 2005, it was a watershed moment for fashion, changing the way denim was marketed forever. Embraced by males and females alike, the skinny jean was the key wardrobe item for the Noughties boho babes and indie rock and rollers. And over the past 15 years, Millennials and over have taken skinny jeans to their hearts, with everyone from popstars to politicians, movie stars to your mum owning a pair. Even new First Lady Jill Biden has been seen in recent weeks in her beloved skinny jeans, blazer and ballet flats combo. 

As a long-time advocate of the skinny jean, the thought of saying goodbye to a trusty go-to is, quite frankly, unthinkable. At least it would have been if they hadn’t been relegated to the back of the wardrobe in favour of lockdown-friendly loungewear for much of the past year. 

White wide leg trousers, £79, Never Fully Dressed

White wide leg trousers, £79, Never Fully Dressed

So are the Gen Z-ers right? Is it time to consign our skinny jeans to the fashion graveyard? Well, if spring’s hottest choice of trouser shape is anything to go by, then the answer is perhaps a tentative ‘yes’. 

With the prospect of lockdown restrictions being somewhat lifted as we head into spring proper, it’s time to prise ourselves out of loungewear and into something a little more presentable; say hello to wide leg trousers.  

Check trousers, £36, Next

Check trousers, £36, Next

Bringing all the comfort of a loose-fitting jogger but with a far more refined style, wide leg trousers are the perfect solution to post-lockdown dressing for spring, 

Go super luxurious in sumptuous silk, embrace spring-like patterns or go dressy with pleats, then team with a simple T shirt or cami for casual chic or throw on a blazer for when you need to up your sartorial game.

Working perfectly with trainers, sandals or heels alike, wide leg trousers are a one-stop style solution – and maybe one which will make us say ‘ciao for now’ to our skinny jeans.


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