Join our #lovelocal campaign to support Midlands businesses

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Here at J’AIME we don’t just support small, independent businesses; J’AIME is a small independent business itself.

That means we understand the importance of supporting local businesses, of using local suppliers and of sticking together through the good times and also the more trying days.

We have launched a #lovelocal campaign, to show our commitment to local businesses. Over the next six months we’ll be running articles in the magazine and online to support businesses of all types right across the Midlands as lockdown restrictions ease.

That may include interviews with business owners about their reopening plans, details of new ways businesses are operating to comply with restrictions, directories of businesses opening up in different towns and villages around the region and more.

We hope it’ll be as useful for our readers as customers of businesses as it will for the owners and employees of those business.

If we shop local and love local we can help to secure jobs in our our local area and help the region’s economy to bounce back.

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to be part of #lovelocal – this is a campaign for all of us.

Join our #lovelocal campaign.

Join our #lovelocal campaign.


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