Love your skin this Valentine’s Day

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Ok, you won’t be going out for a romantic candlelit dinner this Valentine’s Day so why not show your skin some TLC instead? We asked celebrity facialist and founder of Heaven Skincare Deborah Mitchell for her top tips for great looking skin long after those red roses have been thrown away

1: CLEAN UP YOUR ACT: Start your skincare routine with a good cleanse to ensure you wash away the daily dirt and grime that causes rashes and breakouts. My New Edition Cleansing Cream (£37.90, 120ml) contains Heaven’s patented ABEETOXIN® formula so it not only gives a deep clean but it also has an immediate tightening effect. Added to that, its Vitamin A helps resurface and repair cells, and promotes eyelash growth.

2: EXFOLIATE TO REMOVE DEAD CELLS: Hard-working exfoliators are designed to wash away dead cells from the surface of the skin and used regularly they’ll keep your complexion in great condition. My non-abrasive Bee Polish (£37.90, 30ml) targets fine lines, helps lighten pigmentation and extracts toxins without harming the outer layer of the skin. Thanks to its echinacea content it boosts the immunity of the skin too, making it ideal for those who suffer with acne.

3: THE HYDRATING BEAUTY BOOST: Water is essential for our skin – it is, after all, the body’s biggest organ – and ensuring we take in enough of nature’s good stuff every day is essential. My innovative Orange Flower Hydrogel (£37.90, 120ml) re-hydrates, restores balance and maintains oil levels; it contains organic neroli and vitamin C which promote skin rejuvenation.

4: TREAT YOUR SKIN TO A REGULAR MASK: One of Heaven’s signature products, my Silver Bee Venom Mask (£86.50, 60ml) has been dubbed ‘the facelift in a jar’ because it controls facial muscles to tighten, firm and lift. An effective anti-ageing solution, it penetrates fine lines and wrinkles. Easy to use and a little goes a long way, simply apply after your cleansing routine, layer on top of your usual moisturiser or combine with a serum.

5: INVEST IN AN EFFECTIVE MOISTURISER: When it comes to your daily moisturiser, choose one that is designed for your skin type – for example, a gentle formula for sensitive skin. Heaven’s Divine Cream (£64, 50ml) is suitable for all skin types but it works particularly well on more mature complexions thanks to its innovative anti-ageing properties. Apply a small amount to your face and gently massage with your fingertips, not forgetting to cover the all-important neck area.

6: ADD A SERUM TO YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE: Perfect for tackling fine lines and dehydration, a serum delivers a potent shot of ingredients directly into your skin. Use my Dream Oil Serum (£55, 30ml) to keep oil levels at the correct balance while hydrating and feeding the skin. It contains microbes that kill bacteria and bring skin back to equilibrium. Not only that, it smells amazing and can be used before bed to promote relaxation and induce sleep.

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