Update your lounge for the New Year

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As ‘lockdown’ became not only a new buzzword for our vocabulary but a way of life in 2020, it meant that we spent a whole lot more time at home. And more time at home means making sure our spaces are as cosy as can be. 

If your living room has been multitasking as an office and classroom for much of the past nine months, it might just be time for a little refresh since we’re set for another round of the ‘stay at home’ mantra.

The sofa is the heart of the living room so choose wisely; opt for something luxuriously comfortable to ensure you’re relaxing in style, and because it’s not a piece you’ll want to replace year in, year out it’s always best to invest in quality.

Elsewhere, small updates can make a big difference; try switching up your soft furnishings to change your colour scheme, or add a new lamp to two for some extra ambient lighting – perfect for creating a cosy vibe.



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