White kitchen interiors

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As the heart of the home – and often the busiest and most-used space – the kitchen sees a lot of use. From a place to cook and eat – obviously! – to a space which needs to accommodate work, play, rest and entertainment, we’re demanding ever more of our kitchen. 


So if you’re planning on renovating, remodelling, or even just reconfiguring your existing space, there are many elements to take into consideration along the way. 

The biggest impact, both visually and when it comes to how the space feels, is your choice of colour. Recent years have seen a penchant for darker and more dramatic hues, with navy, dark grey, forest green and even black taking the spotlight.

But as we step into 2023 with  a greater eye on sustainability and longevity than ever before, a timeless white kitchen is always a wise choice. 

With such a shift in how we want our homes to feel and function post-pandemic, the brighter and lighter feel of a white-on-white kitchen plays into that aesthetic perfectly. Fresh, energising and with the ability to make a space feel more, well, spacious than it is, it’s no wonder white kitchens are seeing a resurgence. 


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