Beauty: Tackling teenage skin issues

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From spots and blocked pores to excess oil and blackheads, teenagers seem to face a never-ending list of skin issues and struggle to keep their complexions in check. But by starting an effective routine morning and night from a young age you can manage many of these negative effects. DEBORAH MITCHELL, Founder of Heaven Skincare, shares her top tips

It was my own struggles with severe acne as a teenager that led me to not only find solutions to heal my own skin but develop a career helping others tackle their skincare woes, and one that I still feel passionate about to this day.

Growing up, I literally tried every cream and wash on the market. I’d spend hours squeezing my blackheads; I even used nail varnish on my spots but, hardly surprising, that just made them redder and angrier. I’d stare in the mirror, wondering why my skin was dry and flaky one day and oily the next despite watching what I ate and steering clear of fatty foods thinking that might help.

I learnt the value in using the right products to ensure a youthful complexion retains good health and radiance as you get older.


Hydrated skin equals healthy skin.Simple. My three Hydrogels tackle a range of issues: they feed and water skin, soothe and repair, diminish blemishes and minimise redness and inflammation; and because they remain tacky they also make the perfect base for your foundation.


This is perfect for those who suffer with excess oil, thanks to the microbes, which naturally occur and kill off bacteria to bring the skin back to equilibrium. Because of its soothing scent, it also promotes relaxation and induces sleep–great if you’re in the middle of your exams. Simply apply one or two drops after your cleansing routine or add to your favourite moisturiser.


A teenager’s best friend–it’s a non-abrasive exfoliator, toner and cleanser in one, making it the ideal pocket money option. Organic mandarin essential oil helps ease skin disorders and maintain moisture levels as well as improving elasticity and balance oil levels. The presence of organic carrot oil, which contains healing vitamin A, rejuvenates and repairs.


While you’ll be well aware of the negative affect the sun can have on your complexion, you may be unaware of the damage caused when using your phone or laptop. This everyday moisturiser has been reformulated with PRISM Light Defiance Technology to boost the skin’s own natural defence system and provide full antioxidant benefits.


Use to detox your skin and heal imperfections. It’s my first product to contain bark from the willow tree, a natural and organic alternative to aspirin. Because of its anti-inflammatory and healing properties it is ideal for a whole host of skincare woes, including breakouts, removing impurities from pores and eliminating blackheads.


● You are what you eat … opt for good fats and essential fatty acids such as fish, nuts and seeds, and plant oils.

● Introduce a daily cleansing regime. Face wipes on their own are not enough, so combine them with a twice a day cleanser to properly remove blockages from your pores.

● Ensuring your skin has the correct balance is essential: too much acid and it gets oily and spotty; too much alkaline and you’ll get dry patches. Chose products that balance PH levels.

● One of the issues with oily skin is it can lack moisture so keeping it hydrated is vital to maintain a healthy, glowing complexion. But just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you should steer clear of oil-based products.

● Acne scarring is problematic because the skin becomes weak and new spots can easily form. Using a gentle exfoliator can help ease the appearance of scars and lighten pigmentation while extracting toxins without harming the outer layer of the skin.

Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell is available at Heaven Health and Beauty, 13a Market Place, Shifnal, Shropshire. You can also shop online at

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