Find your perfect red lip this Christmas

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From high-end to high street, there is a perfect red lip out there for you to glam your way through this Christmas period, says Keyleigh Freeman

How to find your perfect shade?

Understanding the undertones to your skin is the best place to start. Look at the veins on your wrist; if they appear quite blue this indicates you have cool undertones, while if they appear more green this means you may have warmer undertones. And if you are seeing a little bit of both, this suggests you are neutral toned.

Now you have established your undertones, it’s time to pick your new addition.

For a cooler skin tone you can’t go wrong with opting for a deep, dark red with hues of blue.

This refillable Dior lipstick can elevate your Christmas look with one swipe, whether you prefer a satin, matte, metallic or velvet finish – Dior has you covered with this luxurious signature rouge.

Feeling bold? Opt for this moisturising, satin lip – packed full of enriched argan oil, this L’Oreal showstopper will keep your lips hydrated for 12 hours.

Turn heads with Charlotte Tilbury’s perfect ruby red; the shape of the product mimics a sharp angled lip brush for perfect precision when applying.

Elf’s SRSLY satin lipsticks are seriously good! A cheaper alternative without the quality difference, with an unreal colour pay-off and silky, smooth, satin finish this lipstick will give you the perfect red pout.

e.l.f. SRSLY Satin Lipstick , Cherry, £2.00

For those with warmer toned skin, opt for a more brown toned red.

This sexy shade is perfect for someone looking for a little edge to their look, spice it up with YSL’s creamy, leathery bold red.

For something a little more toned down, go for this moisturising ‘Mother Pucker’, you dont need to worry about dry lips with Soap and Glory – this lipstick has an almost lip-balm texture without any colour fade.

This vibrant make up bag staple is perfect for that ‘fresh out of the snow’ winter look. With perfect pigment you are bound to fall in love with this Charlotte Tilbury staple!

Perfect for the party season this dark matte shade will top off any look – with long lasting wear and a nourishing base, your pout will stay in place all night.

Wear your red with pride this Christmas!


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