Brummie chef bringing flavour to town

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Michelin-star chef Brad Carter is set to launch his One Star Döner Bar in Birmingham in early 2023.

Due to be located inside the much-loved Hare & Hounds pub in Kings Heath, One Star Döner Bar was originally born from one of Brad’s side projects during lockdown while Carters of Moseley, his starred restaurant in Birmingham, was closed.

Brad Carter

The concept was inspired by Berlin’s Gemüse Kebab, which Brad testifies is one of the best dishes he has ever eaten.

Also inspired by the rave scene, a subculture close to Brad’s heart, the kebabs act as ‘the perfect post-rave sustenance’, with Brad’s signature potato smileys available as a side order.

Adam Regan – photo by Matt Hyde

Given their shared backgrounds in dance and rave culture, and more recently hospitality, Brad, and Adam Regan, DJ and promoter, now owner of the Hare & Hounds pub, have hoped to collaborate on a project together for some time. The launch of One Star Döner Bar at the Hare & Hounds will see the pair aim to make Brad’s cooking accessible to a wider audience.

The curated menu will take in two kebabs and two shawarmas, made from the same high-quality ingredients as dishes on the menu at Carters of Moseley, including lamb from Launceston, Cornwall, Tamworth mortadella and Cotswold White chicken.

One Star Döner Bar

Brad, said, “I am super chuffed to bring One Star Döner Bar home to Birmingham. Our kebabs are as good at 2pm as they are at 2am, and I can’t think of anywhere better suited than the iconic Hare & Hounds to serve them. Adam and I have hoped to collaborate for a long time and it feels great to work together to see this become a reality.”

One Star Doner Bar

Adam, said, “We’ve wanted to introduce a food offer at the Hare & Hounds for some time and we are made up that Brad will be bringing his trademark doner kebabs to the venue. We know they are going to be a big hit; between us we’re determined to get as many ‘babs in the hands of as many brummies as possible.”

One Star Döner Bar at the Hare & Hounds will launch February 2023, with the official opening date and full menu to be announced soon.

‘This is a kebab you’ll want to eat whether it’s 2pm or 2am” – Chef Brad Carter


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