Autumn inspired home decor

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As arguably the most optimistic shade on the colour spectrum, yellow is always a popular choice. From juicy lemon to bold canary, these vibrant hues are perfect for injecting a touch of sunshine into your everyday.  

Now, as we tumble into the cooler months, it’s time for those warmer yellows to make their mark. Rich hues of honey and amber, fiery mustard and dazzling gold tones make for a perfect antidote to those autumnal chills.  

Go big with swathes of yellow across walls for an instant mood lift; it’s impossible to feel dreary when surrounded by such radiant tones. Statement furniture items also look incredible in bright yellow hues; a velvet mustard sofa just screams ‘relax in style’, while switching up your dining space with golden-hued seating will help to spark joy at mealtimes.  Add a yellow rug, too, to add definition to your space. 

Carefully chosen accessories help to maximise impact; layer up shades of gold, mustard, ochre and more throughout your room to keep that sunny day feeling all year round.  


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