Robot knee op rang my bell

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Lichfield knee operation patient Derek Giddins has given a ringing endorsement to his robot-assisted treatment.

Bell ringer Derek Giddins is ringing out the praises of his surgeon following a knee replacement operation that saw him walking without crutches in less than three weeks.
Derek, aged 74, who lives near Lichfield with his wife Gilly, had the operation at Spire Little Aston Hospital where he was offered the option of Mako robot-assisted surgery.
“My surgeon explained the benefits of the new system and how it could speed up my recovery time. I am a very active person and I wanted to get back in action as soon as possible so it seemed perfect for me,” he said.
The procedure was carried out by orthopaedic surgeon Jamie Arbuthnot, a specialist consultant trained in using the robot. He said: “It allows me to consistently optimise implant placement which gives the patient a more natural-feeling knee and usually means a quicker recovery time and reduced post-operative pain.
“The best type of joint replacement is one that lets you forget you actually have one and I really think Mako enables surgeons to meet that goal.”
Derek, who has been bell-ringing since the 1960s, was once a regular ring at Guilford Cathedral.
Since his move to the Midlands he has been ringing at the Church of St Nicholas at Mavesyn Ridware and Holy Angels at Hoar Cross.
He can now climb the 58 steps at Holy Angels Church to toll the 28cwt tenor bell again.
“Bell ringing hasn’t taken place during the lockdown but it was great to have the chance of a short practice to get the feel of it again after such a long lay-off,” he said.
Derek is also back on track with his other hobby – cycling.
Having enjoyed cycling holidays around the world with his wife Gilly he is now doing 45-minute sessions on his static cycle as well as completing a five-mile trip on the road.
“I have two friends who have had knee replacements at the same time as me and, even though I am the oldest among us, I seem to be making much quicker progress on my road to recovery.
“I really do think it was the skill of Mr Arbuthnot combined with the technology of the Mako system that has allowed me to get back on my feet so quickly.
“I would say it’s the only way to go and would have no hesitation in recommending it to others. If I need my other knee replaced then choosing the Mako surgery would be a no-brainer.”

If you are interested in understanding more about hip or knee replacements or are struggling with hip or knee pain and want to discuss it further, Spire Little Aston Hospital is offering free mini virtual appointments on May 25 with consultant orthopaedic surgeons Shiv Jain and Amit Kotecha. Call 0121 514 7034 to book.


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